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A few months ago my wife, Dianne and I ended up with a trio of drunks with Mike, a friend of mine. In the morning he was embarrassed, apologized and left. Dianne stayed in bed, so after I saw him outside, he did back in bed and hugged and talked about what had happened. I patted her pussy, he recalled that only a few hours before homeclips my friend had filled with his sperm. I said it was very exciting and I have really enjoyed it. Then he admitted that seeing the best part of the night to me that she had with Mike. I was amazed at what I had turned my beautiful wife with another mans cock in his mouth, looks not bad. I almost cum without touching if he would take her panties and spread her legs and exposing her pussy to another man. For her role, she said it was the homeclips most exciting sex you've ever experienced. She explained that she had felt to be natural, as two men, but she said it best, it felt like I was naked, andsoiled. She made her wet and she told me she had loved, a whore of the night. While his fingers slowly, I asked him if he wanted to do, and she admitted that she did. Over the next few weeks we want to fuck a couple of hot teens and always seemed to talk about Dianne fuck with other men. She should go with his colleagues at the weekend and although I really wanted another man, I told him if it was a single night, have the time they told me to see all the details. At first I was a little surprised at my suggestion, but the more we talked about it (usually in bed), the more turned on the idea of ​​taking a stranger just for fun. When night came, I helped prepare Dianne advised that what men find attractive. She looked stunning in a black lace thong and hold ups ( no bra ), only a short mini skirt and blouse of fine silk. homeclips We had a lot of fun to see how they are folded down to expose the top of people and the flash had a naked breast. Then he kissed her told her he loved her and have fun and then left. came home at 4 in homeclips the morning. She was very drunk, very excited and had a big hickey on his neck. He got into bed naked with me when I asked what had happened. ' Do you plan ? ' I asked. She said no, but they have a lot of fun. Exit without rules or inhibitions is wonderful, she said. She told me she had danced with many men and was nervous at first, but as the night wore on, they would have more value, showing her breasts and let your socks show. ' A lot of guys wanted to dance with him,' he said. She said she had snogged four different men and they all groped her ass. He said that by the time he was kissing and slow dance with her, I Shagged on the dance floor, if you had asked, she was so hot. He had asked to go to a taxi and would agree. Soon he had a dead however. That were sIt was the love bite, as he groped her ass tits and pussy. She then said, as he put his fingers in her pussy and finger fucking that she had taken the hard cock and wanked him away. 'I must have been too much for him,' he said. When she said she had masturbated only for a short time before they spunk on her hand. 'Do you cum,' I asked and he said, but he had, would have been better if they had got a proper fucking. A few weeks later he met with ex, Mark. I had often bothered me the details of sexual life, how the shit like I was talking about his love with other men. She stated that she had stayed with a coffee, and the old days and they told me directly if I fuck cares too much. I told him I did not. He was married, but now they have to worry about. After coffee, she explained that she flirted openly with him, and although she had kissed her, she had arranged to meet him the next night at a 'drink'. I also helped prepare and even shaving her pussy waiting, wondering if Mark it full that night. When he got home, it looked like the cat that had got the cream. He took me to the bed and slowly masturbated me when I told him what had happened. She had flirted and showed it as soon as he got into his car. ' I know he has seen it all before,' she said, ' but he could not keep my eyes my tits ' was only an hour before he had suggested to go somewhere quiet. He had been abandoned in a dark parking lot near a park. She told me she had homeclips at the beginning of a homeclips meal of her breasts, and she said she could not wait to get his cock into her mouth. 'It's much bigger than you,' he said. He then explained that he could not find a comfortable position to be in the car, which was fucked up out of the car, he was naked and naked from the waist. ' It was big, ' homeclips she said, ' homeclips I felt my pussy stretching as he fucked me. ' It was then surprisedI. 'I was so in love with him fucking me, I had not noticed two older men masturbating watching us and lost. ' What did you do? '' Well, Mark had not made the effort we are, ' said she did. ' They came close, if not bother us had seen, ' he said. ' It was very hot, he said homeclips as he looked at me damn straw Mark, 'The fact that they had a good look. ' We have fun at the fair, said, 'We homeclips explained that they had semen on her tits and the other shot his cum on her belly. after Mark had filled her pussy with his cum , he said they have a great fuck and brought her home. she told me then he comes around to catch again in a few days, and he was welcome to see, or homeclips in love with me if I wanted to continue
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